How jitsi configures the cluster?

Does jitsi officially support cluster configuration, because I want to use it by multiple people, such as 10000 people online at the same time

Not sure what you mean when you use the word “cluster” in your proposed use-case, but yes, Jitsi can support 10000 concurrent users (in different meetings with meeting capacity currently capped at 500 per room) at the same time.

Additionally, work is being done to raise that room limit to 10000 users, so you’ll actually be able to host 10000 participants in one single meeting.

Jitsi includes four components: jvb, jicofo, prosody, and web. Four components are deployed on one server. Can I support more people to access the conference concurrently by deploying a single component (jvb, jicofo, prosody) on other servers.

You can have one VERY powerful main node (containing nginx, prosody and jicofo) and then several JVB servers. For 10000 concurrent users, you’ll want to plan for around 50 JVBs, to be safe.

As you said, I want the installation document of this configuration, including the cluster and scalability documents

Plus all the info in this community forum here.


Hi @emrah

Is this similar to the Kubernetes cluster? If I set up this one this will autoscale based on the traffic?

Hi Akalana,

No it’s not similar to Kubernetes. It’s based on virtual machines (although there are LXC containers on each).

Thank you for your answer. I’m ready to try deployment~

Hi @emrah
Thank you very much your feedback.

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