How Jigasi is working?


I followed this guide. I can see the + in the right bottom corner and when I click it a modal will be displayed:


When I now enter phone numbers - doesn’t matter if I use country code or not - nothing happen.

What am I doing wrong? Did I miss something?

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What does jicofo logs say?

Sorry, I am complete newbie on this. What is jicofo? Is it a kind of dependencie? As I said, I followed just the quick installation guide. Did not read something about jicofo.

Could you explain to me how I can get this working? In my account at my SIP provide I can see connectivity from the server. So, this part seems to be working. :slight_smile:

Looking forward to your reply.

Thank you so much…

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Here is a simple network diagram so you can see all the components:
What you had done is adding a new component named jigasi, the same as jitsi-videobridge on the diagram. Jicofo is the conference focus managing and controling the conference and is the one that invites jigasi in a conference when user does a dial out.

So if you are seeing a failed to invite message in UI, you probably have an error in the js console which you can expand and see what is the error. If it is service-unavailable you need to check jicofo logs, means jicofo is not seeing jigasi. Then you need to go and check jigasi logs why it does not connect to the xmpp server.

Hi I am following the same document but its not working for me. I tried it several times but no luck can you please help me out.

Check your sip credentials

I tried different one but no luck

Do you have own sip server or you are using default ( ?

Thanks Rau_Yadav for your. no I don’t have my own yet because I am just testing it now, I tried free one. and can you please suggest free sip trunk provider for jitsi.

Please try this might be helpful for you

I tried the sip2sip free sip trunk but still there is no icon of dial up on right side at bottom. I followed all the steps given in github document about sip gateway (jigasi)