How jigasi communicate with jitsi-meet ui

I want to sent a parameter from jitsi meet ui to jigasi. How I can sent this parameter.

As there are no request/response code structure in jigasi source code.
Could you please help me.

Thanks in advance.

They all join the same xmpp muc and communicate using xmpp.

What are you trying to achieve?

Thanks @damencho , Actually I want to send user selected language parameter to jigasi.
That’s I need. How to catch xmpp presence in jigasi?

This is already implemented.

I don’t see this. Where it is?

I don’t have the source infront of me, but search for language.

Could you please tell me where to search?

Here it is jigasi/ at d792d0f612c6d7928f4a63c81f1c7836ec70a9aa · jitsi/jigasi · GitHub

@damencho understanding the request and response it very tough in jitsi all components. Like jicofo, jigasi, jvb, ui etc, all this component how they request and response each other. As this follow the event-driven architecture.

Could you help me, how can I understand it.

They all join the same xmpp muc and communicate by using xmpp protocol

But when I browse source code I only see interface and java class. Nothing more than that.

What do you expect?