How Jicofo or Jvb communicate with fronted jitsi meet

How Jicofo or Jvb send data to fronted (Jitsi meet)?
I like to send some data from jicofo to jitsi meet and also some data from jvb to jitsi meet. But I don’t understand their how they communicate with backend to fronted?
So I ask this question to developer community.
It will be appreciated…Thanks

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Experience developer can suggest me

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you can using prosody (xmpp)

Is there any example for this?

Jicofo is a regular user joining the room. This is xmpp muc room. XEP-0045: Multi-User Chat
Jicofo is communicating with jvb using xmpp room where it discovers the available bridges selects one and communicate with it again through the established xmpp connection.

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Thanks for the response, but question was actually how to send some custom data from jicofo to jitsi meet. Because I want to send some data from jicofo to jitsi-meet.

Using xmpp messages.

What information do you want to send?

I want to send all moderators name and total number of moderator.

This is information available in prosody, so you better extract it there and send it back to the client. Check speaker stats is sending the current speaker stats data to every new participant.