How Jicofo configure Signaling messages that is passed to Prosody?

Hi, I am exploring jitsi quite a bit, I know that Prosody is a third-party signaling server which Jitsi is using for XMPP messages, I need to know in Jicofo how signaling message is being created and sent to Prosody for transfer. Is there any way I can get the log for Prosody WebSocket connection for signaling so that if any participants get out of the conference for WebSocket disconnection I can detect it?

Jicofo connects to Prosody as a normal XMPP client. (It used to use an XMPP component connection but this is no longer used in recent versions.)

You can view the XMPP signalling easily in a browser by opening the Network tab of Developer Tools and clicking on the xmpp-websocket connection. Most browsers will show the WebSocket messages which are just normal XMPP stanzas.

If you need to run some code on WebSocket disconnection you can hook the event in lib-jitsi-meet on the client side, or write a Prosody plugin if you need to do it server-side.

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