How is the videobridge connected?

I have to set the following values in the JVB config. But I don’t understand how they are working. Are the IP addresses and ports sent to the jitsi meet client so that it can connect to the videobridge? I have to ask because my internal UDP port is different from the external port and I couldn’t find any documentation about it.

Those are sent through jicofo to the clients and are the addresses that the clients will use to contact jvb and send media.

This is the udp port to be used on which jvb will listen for udp packets, by defautl it is 10000. And this port will be announced to clients.

And this is the same as SINGLE_PORT_HARVESTER_PORT, but for TCP.

Thank you for the fast response. So when I understand it correctly the internal and external port has to be the same otherwise it will not work, right?

Yes, that is correct for udp. For TCP there is a property for tcp harvester mapping, in that case it will listen on one part and announce the mapping port.