How improve, server upgrade or adding (loadbalanced) videobridge?

I have installed a jitsi meet server and have used it quite regularly for 3 weeks now. In practical use, I recognize that my most occuring usecase is: single conference with multiple participants (up to 12 participants), my jitsi meet instance has never served multiple conferences.

Setup specifications: Virtual server (Hetzner), 1 cpu with 2 Gb RAM, Debian 10 with ONLY jitsi installed through apt (last apt-upgraded today, 11th April 2020). All participants use either Chrome-browser or downloaded app (only Android), no participant with Firefox. I have not made any adjustments to the config to set max ratio of the video resolution or the like.

Subjective Quality: The calls are ‘workable’ but not ‘great’. Connections are stable, participants never loose connection and never run into errors. However, we observe many re-scaling of video and also -at times- the audio quality is poor which can last several minutes; people need to repeat what has been said as the audio was too poor to understand their initial spoken words. The call quality never gets anything near the quality of the service!

Measuring: With 7 participants in the call, I observer server CPU load hoovering at approx. 40%, the server’s network throughput goes to around 1.5 Gbps during the call.

Now I would like to try to improve the quality of my setup and I see a choice of 2 options: Do I upgrade the server (i.e. 2 cores with 4 Gb RAM), or should I add a 2nd server with dedicated videobridge to loadbalance the call. Important: this needs to stay on a level of budget on a shoestring, I cannot afford dedicated cpu configuration or such options…

What would be your recommendations? Thank you in advance for your suggestions to this great product! Cheers, Igor

I’ve seen a recommendation on here for 2 cores and 8GB RAM as a minimum.

You might also want to check what bandwidth is available to you.