How I do 2 Jitsi 2 Server 1 IP?

Hello I have one good jitsi ok. I have server my home. Now I want instal second jitsi another server my home. The 2 jitsis behind router and only one IP address internet. The 2 jitsis are have different ip private. How I do to use port 80 443 1000 for the 2 jitsis together? Help me please thank you

You cannot do that with just firewall.
You can achieve that by running a haproxy in front of the two shards and make sessions sticky on URL parameter room and haproxy will forward to shards. As jvbs will be sharing one public address you need to configure them to use different ports 10000, 10001, 10002 … and do the appropriate forwarding.

@damencho thank you for my reply. Please explain me more. I need another server to do haproxy? Or is possible I do haproxy one my jitsi server for work for the 2? And this part "make sessions sticky on URL parameter room" what you are mean? Please and thank you very much

Wherever you want, it is just that haproxy will front all http requests and forward to any of the shards you have.

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@damencho you are very kind sir i thank you too much. Let me ask this thing if i put haproxy one server what are happen if i off that server? Other server no work?

so webclient makes an http request, that hits haproxy, haproxy checks is there such conference already - if not, then send to a random shard where nginx take it from there, if there is it uses that shard.

@damencho ok thank you. I no want to lie say I understand but I no I ask too many question already :smile: Me just wonder if i put haproxy jitsi-server-A and when i turn on jitsi-server-A and jitsi-server-B the 2 are work fine. But me question is if I off jitsi-server-A the one with haproxy will jitsi-server-B are continue work okay?

haproxy is separate from A or B, so you can add as many servers you want …

ok thank you sir for your respond