How I disable websockets in newer (latest) Docker / Jitsi versions?


I have the opposite problem from the one that appears more often: For quite some time, I have been running and upgrading a docker-based jitsi installation. When I first installed it (didn’t care about the release then), websocket wasn’t a standard, obviously, so it ran without it just fine.

Now, I set up a new server with the latest release, clean install. Websocket (both JVB and XMPP) working fine, but I found out that some client’s corporate network firewall doesn’t let websocket communication though. Effectively, the entire company is shut out. Tweaking the firewall won’t work.

I guess I could always trace back releases until I reach one that doesn’t have websocket as a standard, but that’s very very counterproductive. Questions about the most recent release:

  • Is it possible to disable websockets entirely?
  • If it is, how? I’m finding the JVB (colibri-ws) websocket particularly confusing, because I can’t compare it to my old configuration due to a new “jvb.conf” file in the new releases
    • XMPP seems to be easy enough: ENABLE_XMPP_WEBSOCKET=0
    • I tried the following for JVB, but got odd websocket-related errors in he browser’s console
  • General question: Does it make sense at all, or will the RTC support in jitsi be dropped in the near future anyway?

Maybe someone closer to the development can answer these basic question straight away, before I go deeper into any debugging - which might be a lost race right from the start, if non-websocket communication will (or is already) deprecated.

Any help appreciated!


  1. No, It is not possible to remove websockets if using latest images.
  2. you can disable websocket for prosody but not for JVB.
  3. yes, Jitsi team is dropping RTC support.

AFAIK you have to enable SCTP in jvb as welll as in jicofo but there’s no way you can enable it in jicofo using file. This functionality is available in jicofo.conf file(new kotlin config). There are couple of PR’s in jitsi docker repo. Below are the links. try ENABLE_SCTP=true and also disable websockets for jvb in web/meet.conf file.

Great answer, I’ll try that asap! Guess I missed the jicofo config!

And for the whole situation, it’ll buy the client some time to fix his firewall, and I won’t have to resort to outdated releases.



didn’t work. Guess that the new jicofo config isn’t in production yet, regarding the current docker images?
I’ll wait a bit until the dust of recent changes has settled before I try again.


to use this new config you have to build you own docker image.