How edit logo


I select other logo in /usr/share/jitsi-meet/title.html, but is not changed, or i need put a command in ssh?

Which logo do you want to change?
The data in title.html is a meta data that services use to represent a link, like what is shown in slack when you paste such link.

I want put this

in here:

and in here

I right clicked the watermark to inspect element and see the image path. That led me to it being images/watermark.png. I look in jitsi-meet for that path and found this: That means the CSS is hardcoded to look in that location. So in your jitsi-meet deployment, probably in /usr/share/jitsi-meet/images the image file will exist that you can override with your own.

What you see in title.html is site meta information for other apps to process, such as search engines or link previewers–that is why the image link is in a tag.


Hi dear, done, working, tnks a lot

What is the updated location of the watermark? That line in the SCSS no longer leads to anything and there’s no png in the entire file.

We tried creating rightwatermark.png as mentioned in this post but our logo didn’t appear anywhere.

Also, this seems like an oddly complicated way to change a very common setting, the brand. I do realize this is an old thread, so is there an easier way to do this in mid-2020?

I found this tutorial pretty helpful:

Remember to erase the cache in your browser to see the changes.

This is a broken link. How can we put our logo into jitsi?

There is helpful discussion on this topic, here:

And here:

Thanks @corby I just overwrote the watermark.png file with my logo and it worked for me as a charm. now I am trying to figure out how to customize the front page text as well.

It is possible to do that with CSS (think .welcome .header .header-text:after{...}) but typically this is achieved by rebuilding from source.

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I have tried this method but it doesn’t work. Any other parameters work, like DEFAULT_REMOTE_DISPLAY_NAME: ‘Conference01’, but DEFAULT_LOGO_URL: ‘images/watermark.png’ doesn’t. I am not modifying it in the server directly, but in the options configuration when loading the JS SDK.

Any idea how to make it work?

You can’t add DEFAULT_LOGO_URL as parameter because it is not whitelisted to use as parameter, as seen here: jitsi-meet/interfaceConfigWhitelist.js at master · jitsi/jitsi-meet · GitHub

You can see that DEFAULT_REMOTE_DISPLAY_NAME appear but DEFAULT_LOGO_URL is not.
To make it work as parameter (my guess is) you need to edit that white config file and add DEFAULT_LOGO_URL.

Thank you, will give a try and report back :slight_smile: