How does the recorded video shared with the end user?

I have configured jitsi meet on my server with jibri and the recording works fine. The recorded file is being saved on my server. But how the end user who organize the meeting get those recorded file?

@damencho any solution for this? I’m struggling with the same thing. Or @anshad if you have found a way, please share it with us.

I didn’t find any fix for this and I am using another npm package to record video locally using browser’s screen share functionality.

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I’m confused with what you’re asking here. You’re saying the file is saved to your server correctly but you want to share the recording with someone else?

You have a few options:

  1. Enable Dropbox integration, so meeting organizers can have immediate access to their own recordings
  2. Simply send them the file from your server
  3. Jitsi has an inbuilt file-sharing capability. Check your config.js file for this segment: