How does the interaction between jibri <-> prosody <->web work?


I have setup jitsi in kubernetes and I see that the examples expose UDP/30300 towards the video bridge.
What is totally unclear to me is, how do clients or the other jitsi components find the bridge?

As far as I can see:

  • the jitsi-web container is just an nginx proxying to the other containers
  • prosody/xmpp with bosh allows jabber-via-http

I am aware that the service port is exposed as an environment variable, but it’s not clear which service is picking that up where.

Any pointers in the right direction would be much appreciated.



Yes this is the signalling part. Where for media clients send UDP directly to the bridge and receive media from there, by default that is UDP 10000 and is used by the bridge.

I understand that default port, but how do the clients know about the port address or which configuration steers it?

They receive xmpp jingle session-initiate from jicofo with that information.

… and from where does Jicofo know which IPv6 address / port the video bridge has?

In case of deploying jitsi in kubernetes, the bridge is exposed on a different service, with a different IP and in the sample configuration, it runs on port 30300.

I just checked the generated jicofo.conf and it does not reference the jvb port/address anywhere.

It opens a channel on the bridge using colibri xmpp protocol, and the port and address are returned from the bridge to jicofo which then uses the information to construct the offer for the client and to send it.