How does the bad connection icon work


How does the bad connection icon work? Does it become red on number of dropped packets, RTT, or something else?

It would be helpful to know this information since in my daughters meetings she shows up with a red connection icon, even though I made sure she’s on LAN. Could this be related to the client CPU? She’s on a 4 core, 16 Gb RAM Linux machine, so I definitely expected that to be enough but possibly not.



What browser does she use?

Lately, I think she has been using Chromium on Ubuntu. Last year I knew there was a preference for Chrome over Firefox but I think that’s thing of the past now, right?

Ok, I asked because Firefox is notorious for these kinds of issues. Chromium-based browsers are generally still preferable. Firefox is really unreliable when it comes to reporting true connection stats.

Interesting - I will pay closer attention during her online school meeting today to that.
In any case, is there a known reason why Firefox is less reliable? Is this a JavaScript related issue/support for some protocol?