How does moderator forbids participants to share their screen?


I recently used jitsi to teaching. But some naughty students have been using the “sharing screen” function to disrupt the course. Is there any way to disable their “sharing screen” function?


Is this your own server or
If this is your own server, you can control it using JWT authentication

There is no seach feature for disabling screen share. You can kick the participant, lock the room or enable lobby.

It’s on my own server. I’ll install JWT and try it today. Thank you!!

I found that there’s no screen share function with mobile. How does jitsi judge that? Maybe it can do something similar to participants !

Do you use Screensharing at all? If not, you can disable it completely from your config.js

Yes, I need to show my PPT in class…

Ah, in that case, JWT-Token is your best bet.

Hello! I tried to install JWT by this web: Jitsi Installation with JWT Support on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS - Doganbros. It worked, but there’s a problem. When I enter the room with following code, i’m still a moderator. Could you help me figure out that?

  "context": {
    "user": {
      "name": "pig2",
      "email": ""
    "features": {
  "aud": "2C03E",
  "iss": "2C03E",              
  "sub": "mydomain",    
  "room": "lll",
  "exp": 1793999928

This is only supported from some modules that doesn’t come with stock jitsi-meet.

I tried cancel "moderator":false , but it seems like everyone who use jwt enter the room will become a moderator. If I don’t use jwt, I can use the screenSharing function…
And I forgot to inform that I still can use the screenSharing function when using the jwt, sorry

Correct key is screen-sharing not screenSharing

You might find this useful:

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I’ve tried, but it didn’t work. Other features didn’t work either…

"features": {

Just forgot to say,

set true to enableFeaturesBasedOnToken in config.js

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Hello, I found that after setting true to enableFeaturesBasedOnToken, the screen-sharing,livestreaming and recording function become disable.
Then I set "features": { "recording": true, "livestreaming": true } in JWT, but it didn’t work.
How can I at least set recording to enable ?

Could you just provide example of JWT payload

Is this a moderator or a member?

Actually with new AV Moderation plugin, if you do not allow participant to open camera, he/she also can not share screen…

Hi, I solved it after borrow a new computer from AWS ec2 and install everything again. Thanks for your patience and help!!