How does jitsi-meet know if a participant's client is capable of remote control?

I am trying to enable remote control on an application I am building using the lib-jitsi-meet (low level) API.

Scenario: two users join a meeting:

  • User A from the web (jitsi-meet)
  • User B from Jitsi Meet Electron (with remote control enabled)
  • User A’s client gets a ‘remote control’ button allowing him/her to control the screen of user B. Of course, if user B’s electron client is compiled without remote control support then user A doesn’t get the ‘remote control’ option.

My question is - how does user A (jitsi-meet) discover that user B’s client is capable of remote control?

I have tried to translate some of the code over from the Jitsi Meet SDK to work with the low level API but for some reason the ‘remote control’ button is not popping up as an option on User A’s (jitsi-meet) side.

@Hristo_Terezov do you remember?

User B needs to do:

And user A will check this: