How does Jitsi get the meeting code from the URL

How does Jitsi get the meeting code from the URL, as in Where in Jitsi is the code that does this?

I’m trying to disable or remove this feature

You mean the code for dial-in? It just requests it from the conference mapper configured with dialInConfCodeUrl.

Hi Damencho,

I think I’ve found that. Functions.js (below) has the get request that retrieves the dial-in code from the url. But do you know where/which file this is compiled too after a server is set up?


Sorry, I meant this. Lines 32 and below

This is configured in config.js dialOutAuthUrl, I see we do not have this service described in the swagger do which is a miss. But here are two examples of the response of this service:

    "message": "Blacklisted phone number!",
    "phone": "+35988",
    "country": "35988",
    "allow": false


    "message": "Access allowed",
    "phone": "+1512",
    "country": "1",
    "allow": true

Any PRs on updating the service descriptions are welcome :wink: