How does Jicofo know to join a MUC?


My team is looking to configure a video bridge server with some unusual business requirements. Basically, we need to group different conferences together so they can have a collectively shared text chat, while still keeping their video/audio streams isolated. Our team was hoping to recycle the XMPP server for this purpose, setting up a separate MUC that will just send group messages for the chat content, but we want to make sure Jicofo doesn’t get triggered to join this chat MUC and begin establishing peer connections with the members.

From what I’ve gathered poking around the codebase, it appears Jicofo is listening for a ConferenceIQ message type, which I’m assuming is sent by the Jitsi Meet client. Assuming that’s true, it seems like we’ll just need to write a comparable connection path code to join a MUC without sending that IQ message to Jicofo. However, I haven’t been able to track down the relevant Jitsi Meet code.

So, could anyone tell me if I’m either totally off-base, or point me to the client code I ought to be reading? Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

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Yes you are right, the client sends an iq to jicofo and jicofo is the first to join the muc. But if you do not invite jicofo in the room you will not have a conference there.
Here is the place where the conferenceIQ is created and sent: