How does config.p2p.enabled=true in URL affect other Audio settings


I wonder how the config.p2p.enabled=true affects other audio-settings embedded in the URL.


disableAP: true,
disableAEC: true,
disableNS: true,
disableAGC: true,
disableHPF: true,
stereo: true,

are these settings only affecting the jitsi meet session in a non P2P session ?



The answer is no.

disableAP, disableAEC, disableNS, disableAGC, disableHPF is a Google webrtc implementation, it is a local setting. It affects all webrtc PeerConnection no matter P2P is enabled or not.

Just to add to @kaiduan’s answer, ther are some audio related options in Jitsi Meet that are not available for p2p connections. As far as I know these are: stereo, enableOpusRed and opusMaxAverageBitrate, all of which are signalled through Jicofo.