How do you use


Finally i have all working >> ASTERISK PBX (in and out) / JITSI / JIBRI (recording and streamming)

Now i need some ideas and examples on how to use
Did you use it to upload to ftp? google drive? How do you handle that random directories that jibri creates?

Any help will be much apreciated.

Thank you.

I found that the script gets the directory as the only parameter, so you can use that to do whatever you like with the recording.
What I didn’t find is a method to notify the conference about what happened to the recording.

Edit: I finally managed to do a test recording to dropbox on and even that doesn’t notify at the end of the recording :roll_eyes:
It’s understandable that the user will look for the recording in the dropbox folder (since he obviously selected the option “record to dropbox”), maybe there should be an option to put a custom message in the recording dialog.

I thought about using metadata.json to send an email to the participants (at least if they are identified as domain users) but the “participants” field is always empty, why?

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I produced a to extract the actual file name to copy the mp4 to my NAS drive. Might be the code is a little bit clumsy, since programming is not my profession. However it does the job. It can be placed and used within the home directory of the user or within the home directory of the user “jibri”. To announce where the recording can be found I use the Chat function.

MySaverecordings_sh.txt (1.2 KB)


Would be great if there would be a plugin to copy the recording to a specified AWS S3 storage.

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The link you provided seems a) to be a commercial one and b) I cannot find info at all about the mentioned problem.

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Ignore it please. Did not mean to post it here

You could have a look here for inspirations

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but, you can do it bro, just create a directory in your virtual machine s3 , and then in your favorite backend language, you should create an webservice inside s3 to upload file in the target folder… i tell you there are so many solutions…