How do you assign the presenter


Hi, I just discovered meet jitsi and I want to use the platform for my webinars. How can I, as the presenter, prevent that other participants kick me out, our that they are kicking others out of the meeting. In other words, the participants are my guests and I need to be in control. Thank you very much for your advice.


You can achieve that by deploying your own instance and enable authentication ( you will enter using username and password and the rest will be guests with not much they can do about moderation.


Hi Damencho,
Thank you for your answer. It makes me very happy to know that this option is possible. I tried to understand the explaination behind to provided link but I do not understand much of it. I am not a developer but only an user. Does it mean that I need to setup my own server or can I Accoplish it by setting up my own instance at the Jitsi preferences (although I have no idea what “an instance” means). I am looking forward to your replay and again, many thanks for your help. Best regards, Remco Brouwer.


That means you need to handle your deployment and take care of the creation of the users.


Wauw, thanks for you quick response. Please keep in mind that I am no developer and I am not familiar with technical terms… I don’t know what a deployment means in this scenario. Does it means that I need to setup my own server or can I handle this on the Jitsi server?


Yes, you need to deploy and maintain your own instance of jitsi-meet and configure it that way.