How do I synchronize access to local jitsi-meet pages on the external network

1、Clone code in the virtual machine
2、npm install and make dev
3、The app should be running at https://localhost:8080/

Now I want to access the url from a PC outside of the virtual machine. How can I modify it to access it externally

Is there a way to access the “make dev” running interface

I modified ‘webpack. config. Js’
const devServerProxyTarget


Local JVB IP
and make dev
err log:
[HPM] Error occurred while trying to proxy request /favicon.ico from to (ECONNREFUSED) (

Is this JVB or jitsi-meet?

What services are linked to?

I think by default it binds to, so you should be able to access it with the IP adress of the machine which is running the make dev.