How do I set the reconnection time

How do I set the reconnection time?
How do I synchronize connection status to my own server?
How do I identify unique users?

I just started looking at this

To be able someone to help you, can you add more details to your questions with examples. None of these are clear.
What is reconnection time? What is “connection status to my own server”? Why do you want something synchronized?
Give an example for “identify unique users” what do you want to achieve? give more details for your deployment how you had configured it?

The question is:

In my system, users can connect to the meeting through the Web or APP, but only in one way. When a user logs in to a meeting on the Web, how do I display the meeting in progress on the APP to prevent the user from accessing the meeting from the APP?

At present, I cannot determine the status of the user in the meeting. If the user logs in from the Web and app, two users with the same name will be displayed in the meeting.

This is confusing to me.

The only way to control this is to disable having anonymous participants and allow only jwt access to your deployment and you can control from your app who gets the token.

Let me describe the phenomenon like this:
Step one, I log in to the meeting from the Web side, the meeting will display my name.
Step two, I log in to the meeting from the APP, and there will be two of my name.
I just want to show one,When the latest login comes in, just kick out the previous login and display one name.

There is no such feature, you join with two unique participants and we show two participants.
You can implement some custom module where from the jwt you see both participants are the same identity and you can return an error to the joining one or kick the other one out of the room, but you need to implement your custom logic there based on your identity.