How do I record a call using jibri?

I have an application that I developed using the lib-jitsi-meet low level api. I installed jibri on my server and made the necessary configurations. I want to start and stop recording with a button and a pop-up. I guess I need to use JitsiConference.prototype.startRecording. but what should I pass as options parameter to start recording method and how can I contact jibri. I also want to store the recorded files using the enpoint of another application that I have developed externally. how can i do these

If it is Dropbox:

And if it is jibri storing the recording:

I want to forward the file saved to an endpoint using finalize script

I don’t want live broadcast feature should it look like this

    appData = JSON.stringify({
        'file_recording_metadata': {
            'share': true
    mode: 'file'


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jibri {
    recording {
        recordings-directory = "/srv/recordings"
        finalize-script = "/srv/"

I want to send the files saved in this path in Jibri to a special service with these codes in the finalize script file. can i get it like this :


# Replace with your API endpoint URL

# Replace with your API authorization token

# Replace with the actual path of the recorded video file

# Send POST request to the API endpoint with authorization token and video file
curl -X POST -H "Authorization: Bearer ${AUTH_TOKEN}" -F "video=@${VIDEO_FILE}" "${API_ENDPOINT}"