How do I display full name participants below their icon?

As a moderator, I would like to display participants names below or above their icons by setting a parameter through a config overwrite option or interface config overwrite option from the jitsi javascript api. And I would like to hide users from view when they have their video or microphones disabled. Are these possible?


Yes and no.

It’s not possible out of the box by setting anything in the config/interface_config.

If you are self hosting and have JavaScript development experience, it’s possible to do this on the web meeting page (but it will not reflect on the mobile apps). I won’t get into how you can do it in this thread but I have mentioned a way to get started, in this post.

And of course, if you have java / xcode development experience the sky is the limit.

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That’s great. I have 20 years of Java development under my belt. I’ll look at the source to see what I can do.