How do I disable "startSilent"?

I set the startSilent as true, but I don’t know how to enable audio hearing again.

As stated in the comments next to that setting, using that will disable audio completely and you will need to reload the app to restore:

The is any other way to silence the audio output?

I’m afraid I am no aware of alternatives, but someone else might know.

I am however curious – what’s your use case? The only time I’ve considered using startSilent was when I’m joining from a second computer just for screenshare, and personally I’m fine with rejoining if I need to switchover to that computer as my main device and use audio.

The case:
When user got into my application and it’s alone in the conference, a tutorial video is displayed one layer “above” the jitsi iframe, and once a second user gets in, a message “you’re not alone anymore” is displayed along with a button “join conference”.

But the problem is: While the user don’t click in the ‘join’ button (if its wants to watch the full tutorial video), the voice of second user starts to be heard.

So what I really need is to mute audio output and unmute it once user click a button. Is this possible?

Interesting use case. Sounds like you’re trying to separate the notion of “presence” from the actual joining of the video conference i.e. “a user is here but has not actually hooked up to audio video yet”.

Unless you make that user state very obvious in the room, there is a risk that it could result in a bad user experience. For example: “Bob joins and sees Alice already in the room. Bob is not aware that Alice is still watching intro video and cannot hear him. He starts a conversation but does not get a response and wonders if he is having audio issues.”. It gets even messier when there are many users and different people decide to enable audio at different points.

To make this work in a friendly way, it goes way beyond joining with startSilent and having an extra button to turn on audio. You need to be able to track that “present but not joined” state and add visual cues in the app so it is obvious when someone is “present” but cannot hear you yet.

Personally, I’d build that as a separate app that handles the landing page and is aware of who else is on the landing page, and who is in the actual Jitsi room. It can then provide all the relevant info, and a button to actually join the Jitsi room.

Even simpler might be to send users the link to the tutorial in advance so everyone can start the meeting on time :slight_smile: