How do I disable simulcast?

How do you disable simulcast?

I have a connection established, then Videobridge sends a “source-add” message containing a new set of SSRCs.

The libraries I’m using to build a client does not support changing the SSRC from what was initially negotiated in the offer/answer.

Videobridge appears to be sending with an SSRC that came in from the “source-add” request as opposed to the SSRC that was found in the “session-init” request.

As a result, the client is dropping all of the packets with an error indicating that the SSRC is not recognized.

How do I force videobridge to not use these additional streams? I’d prefer a solution that does not require turning that feature off at the videobridge for everyone as there may be some need for this feature in other conferences.

With or without simulcast jitsi-videobridge will only produce a single stream per sender-receiver pair. Your clients will need to handle addition of new streams with source-add anyway, as this happens when a new participant joins.


Thank you for your reply @Boris_Grozev. In my tests I see the source-add coming through for each user, however I do not see any new ports for those streams, and don’t see a new session-init. The libraries I’m using expect that there would be a new connection, with a new ICE negotiation with new ports for the added stream. The source-add message doesn’t appear to include any of this information.

I do see a second session-init message, but I believe that is only sent due to going from 2 users in the conference to more than 2? As after adding the 3rd person I don’t see any subsequent session-init requests.

Looking into this a little further, is this adding the additional media streams using bundling?

I initially had trouble getting the ICE negotiation to work with the libraries I’m using, and it turned out that the libraries do not support bundling. Once that was disabled, I was able to successfully establish a connection.

With these source-add messages, is Videobridge expecting that the client supports bundling and the new sources should just end up on the same port/ip as they were on the original offer/answer?