How do I check number of participants before get in the meet?

I want to check if there is any participant in the room, BEFORE GET IN to it.

I mean, I know there are “getNumberOfParticipants” and “getParticipantsInfo”, but these functions can only be executed if I’m already into the meeting. Is it possible?

I want to do this because I want to play a tutorial video if the user is the first one getting in.

We don’t have an API for that, it would have privacy implications.

If you se uring your own server, you can use the mod_muc_size module to query it with an HTTP request.

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Got it. I solved it using the “videoConferenceJoined” event. When this event is called and the participants number is <= 1, I hide the meet and play my tutorial video.

PLUS Using the “participantJoined” event, I hide the video and display the meet again when someone else get in the meet.

Nice one!

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