How do I change YOUTUBE Live Stream to another RTMP server url?

@emrah What do you think? Do you have any idea about streaming out to the custom RTMP server for dockerized Jibris? I think most convenient way is creating generating new Jibri Docker image after making required customization. Do have any practical advice?

The custom RTMP support is added to the master branch. Does the Docker installation support it yet?

If not, you can use a fake ffmpeg

Actually i know that. But could not see any config about this in .env settings of Jibri Docker. So does it get the parameters (rtmp url, key etc) from jitsi-meet interface and act accordingly in Jibri side?

If the Docker installation contains the last changes, no need to configure any env. Just use the full RTMP destination URL as a stream key.

I didn’t try the Dockerized Jitsi before. I don’t know its current status

Great! Thx.

Mind showing your rtmp server config? Is it nginx?

Would you mind taking a look on my issue: Jibri not working · Issue #889 · jitsi/docker-jitsi-meet · GitHub

You mean that on this docker just putting the stream URL directly on the jitsi site should work?

I didn’t mean anything about the Docker case because I don’t know its status, I don’t use it.

I said that the custom RTMP support is on the master branch, probably not added to Docker yet. By the way you have another problem since you can’t stream to Youtube too

My question seems a bit basic: For my wifes private dance group I search for a possibility to stream a videos. I installed jitsi meet on a Hetzner server and it runs perfect. But if we try to share our desktop and stream a local file the quality is very low. So I tried to use youtube, but the video includes a non-public sound file and so youtube not allowed to publish the video. We seache and found your article. But you explain it on a second jibri server. Do I need a third server to stream video, relink it by jibri to see it on jitsi-meet?

I have setup jitsi-meet on docker on aws ec2. I am trying to stream video to my own streaming server ( also on aws ec2) . I have tested the streaming on youtube which works fine.
My nginx rtmp endpoint of streaming server is rtmp://13.126.x.x/live2 which is also working fine - I have tested it with OBS and VLC. But I am not able to stream to my streaming server.
I have added following entry to /etc/hosts file of my host machine

my streaming server has following entry on nginx.conf

rtmp {
server {
listen 1935;
chunk_size 4096;

            application live2 {
                    live on;
                    record off;


Where am i going wrong ? It is still asking for youtube livestreamkey .

Don’t edit /etc/hosts. Use the whole rtmp address as Youtube key to stream your custom server

@emrah From the frontend is it possible to auto populate the rtmp stream URL by calling the backend API ?

We are planning to use cloud flare stream as a rtmps server , When ever a user clicks on livestream button from Front end , it should call a backend API and get the RTMP url and stream directly instead of populating the user to enter the livestream RTMP SERVER ID ?

@damencho thanks for the reply , is it possible to do without iframe ?

Yes, the code is there and you can change it, but you need then to maintain it and keep merging it on updates (you need regular updates as browsers update every few weeks).

Thank you , please can u point the file where the changes are required in jibri and frontend ?

Only in jitsi-meet, everything about the streaming is here: jitsi-meet/react/features/recording at master · jitsi/jitsi-meet · GitHub

hi , this was working earlier in my old setup but now , after new update of jitsi with local recording , it stopped working , also checked in jibri now its trying to stream from , I will be grateful if you can update the script

can you share??