How do I allow a user to enter the room after getting its link from the database?

Please please help
After activating the library conference call, I send the group link to the FireBase database and then try to get it and send it to the group and this is done correctly.
But how do I get the user to join the meeting using this link or is there a better way than this
An example of the link I get

Please help and support
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ُdit/// I am talking about Android Studio Java applications

Not really sure what the question is, sorry. All you need to give users is a URL, then they’ll be able to join with a single click.

How do I get the address of the room until I send it to the DataBase

When you create the room name your address is https:///roomname

as simple as that … what you do ahead with firebase has no relation with Jitsi, thats your custom deployment.

Ok how do i do that?

Simple share the link and they will all enter automatically.

In fact, this does not happen when sharing the link, as in the example in the question, they are transferred to the browser and he has to choose the entry method
I do not want that
I would like him to be entering the room from inside my app

For that you have to enable deeplinks in your app.

How would that please?

Refer to this guide

I will now and give you the response
Thank you

And how does this solution help me because it is difficult for me to implement it as I am not a professional

Well, what you are asking for isn’t as simple either. Have you built the app yourself or using the Jitsi meet app source code ?

I designed it myself

I also tried a lot of upholstered only to send the link in the form of text and go to the browser and join the meeting

But I want to develop it better so as not to disturb the user by taking it out of the app
Basically it is an free app for chatting and I try to collect features in it by being a chat as well as meetings, so I used jitsi library