How customize jitsi meet welcome page with authentication

I installed jitsi-meet in my Ubuntu server and want to create login as my first page after login i can create a conference with date and time


It’s better to approach this differently. Do your own scheduling, and then generate random URL. You can use JWT authentication so only links you created are valid.

Thanks for reply
Can you share any reference link

You can start by taking a look here:

I am installed jitsi meet in my Ubuntu 18 server and also installed jwt but jwt is not auto configure with jitsi meet
When I am try to configure manually is required some plugins in jitsi meet but these plugins are not there
Can you please provide all relative plugins that i have need to install to make my video conference project

One more thing that I want to know, I installed jitsi meet according to video provide on website
But all related Plugins are not installed such as module react

What I suggested doesn’t exist in the form of a package you install. You have to build a scheduling portal yourself.

Thanks for answer
And Sorry for asking questions again
Still am not understand how to work jitsi- meet and jvt work together
After install jvt my jitsi-meet not working fine
It’s shows reload error

What error? Please paste everything you see in the JS console logs.

Hi Saghul

After Installed JWT and Configured
On conference Page show authentication Email and password

  1. My Question is where i need to add email id and password for authenticate
  2. if i am trying to login with random email and password its show error
    I have attached 2 screenshot t, 1 for request authentication and 2. error screenshot

As you can see on the first screenshot bosh connection cannot be established with the reason: host-unknown. This means you have a problem with your configuration.
Share your prosody and config.js configurations.

Hi Damencho
Where i need to find Config.js file in my directory


Can i copy and past here my code from both file

This is the general prosody config, your prosody config is in a file in /etc/prosody/conf.d folder.

Hello damencho
Config file

Hi damencho

Please see my config file and tell me what i need to change in config file

Hi damencho
When i am login with user and password according to this file “”
I am able to login but after 5 to 10 second it show error
Please see the screenshot

Check your jicofo logs, looks like it disconnected.

you mean to jicofo
if yes this is my file

handlers= java.util.logging.ConsoleHandler
#handlers= java.util.logging.ConsoleHandler, com.agafua.syslog.SyslogHandler

java.util.logging.ConsoleHandler.level = ALL
java.util.logging.ConsoleHandler.formatter =


Do not worry about missing strings

Enable debug packets logging


Syslog(uncomment handler to use)

com.agafua.syslog.SyslogHandler.transport = udp
com.agafua.syslog.SyslogHandler.facility = local0
com.agafua.syslog.SyslogHandler.port = 514
com.agafua.syslog.SyslogHandler.hostname = localhost
com.agafua.syslog.SyslogHandler.formatter =
com.agafua.syslog.SyslogHandler.escapeNewlines = false

to disable double timestamps in syslog uncomment next line

uncomment to see how Jicofo talks to the JVB


you can check you jicofo log by below command
sudo tail -f /var/log/jitsi/jicofo.log