How customizable is Jitsi?

Hi! I would be happy if someone can answer me some generic questions about Jitsi. I am planning to integrate Jitsi into my website in order to use it with online meetings. Therefore, I would like to restrict the functionality for meeting participants.

Below list - is it possible to configure Jitsi in that way?

  • Participants cannot change his name (use name, under which participant has registered on website). Ideally – take out tab “Profile” from settings.

  • Don’t show the emoticons to participants (except of “raise hands”) – or at least: no sounds.

  • Participant not allowed to:

    • invite other users (No “Invite people”),

    • share of audio or video

    • record the session

    • mute or disable everyone´s camera

    • create a poll

    • embed meeting

  • There is only one moderator: The meeting organizer.

  • All participants muted by default

  • Participants can “raise hands”:
    Add participant to a "list of next speakers” – sorted according to who has raised hands first.
    This list of next speakers should be shown inside of or outside of Jitsi on the website, where Jitsi is integrated (whatever is possible).

  • If moderator unmutes a participant: Take participant from “Next speaker-list”.

Would be great, if someone well experienced with Jitsi Website integration could tell me, if that is doable with acceptable development efforts.

Thank you very much :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forum.

The simple answer is “yes”. Of course, you would need to be hosting your own server and you’ll want to use JWT tokens.

Thank you Freddie, and great to hear about your answer. Own server would be the plan, and JWT tokens - probably also no issue, the devs will decide (I am not a dev, I take care about service conception).

As you say “yes” - so also to “export” the info from Jitsi, when someone raises the hand, and to show this in a separate list on same page, should be possible? And the moderator then works off the list by unmuting the participants one by one… is possible you say?

What about the layout of Jitsi in general? Can I change, how the participants are shown in the window? Like - all participants will be shown on left side of the window? It there are e.g. 20 participants, show them in one scrollable column. Or maybe in two columns on left side.
4 to 8 participants are shown, rest needs to be scrolled up or down? I would like to keep the window & functionalities as lean as possible, as I need to add content of the meeting points on same screen…

Thanks, Al

Yes, with some work. You devs will likely be integrating Jitsi to your website using the IFrame API and the can listen to the raiseHandUpdated event to populate a list on your site. Moderators won’t be able to forcefully unmute someone’s microphone since that could raise privacy concerns, but you can programatically ask users to unmute or if AV moderation is enabled allow a user to unmute themselves.

To some extent, yes. There are config options to enable/disable certain elements on the page, and to move the filmstrip from vertical to horizontal, etc. I believe there is also work in progress to allow more control over the filmstrip i.e. resizable and to have multiple columns. Not sure if you can move it to the left.

Projects that have very specific UI needs that is different for “standard” Jitsi Meet would usually customise the Jitsi Meet source itself and compile their own, or build their own UI using the low level lib-jitsi-meet library, but this is a huge undertaking that may require constant updates as the other Jitsi components evolve over time.

I think we should avoid that otherwise we will have a dead end solution in regard to future updates of the SW - or huge maintenance cost.

But great news about this tool, thank you for your quick feedbacks! Looking forward to starting this project with Jitsi. Hope i can ask further, if needed.

I probably would like to show here a scribble of what I hope should be realizable in regard to the layout & integration on the website…

Absolutely. This should be a last resort, and should not be taken on lightly without considering future compatibility and maintenance costs.

Welcome to the Jitsi community! There is a huge amount of resources in this forum and lots of very knowledgeable community members to help so hopefully you find what you need here.

To get stated with customisation, I personally found this to be a very helpful post:

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Thanks to all - so I was doing a little layout concept, and was wondering, if that is how it could work?

  • Starting a conference on the own website, a new full screen opens.
  • The screen is divided into three parts.
  • In the upper right part, there is Jitsi integrated (iFrame?): If there are more than (4?) users, then the list can be scrolled down. Whoever speaks, this person will be shown in full screen in upper right part of screen.
  • Below in the lower right part, the list of speakers, who raised hands, are shown. (Only) the moderator can click on “unmute”, then this person can speak. Others still on mute. When clicking on next person, then previous person taken from list
  • In left part of page, some informational content is shown
  • Additionally, the list of currently participating attendees is also exported from Jitsi and shown on the website.


Thanks to all for your feedback!


At a glance, that looks doable. You’d built that site as usual and use the IFrame API to populate the relevant portion of the page. There are events the page can listen to detect when participants leave/join, when hands raised, etc, and that can be used to populate other elements on your page.

As mentioned above, in terms on unmuting, Jitsi Meet does not allow you unmute others for privacy reasons but there is a feature to “ask to unmute”. Since you’re building your own app around this, I suppose it is technically possible to trigger the unmute from your app, but I have never explored that option so cannot elaborate.

If you need more control over how users interact with the conference, you could even disable the toolbar in Jitsi Meet completely and use buttons on your page to trigger actions.

Long term, you will likely need to have your own Jitsi deployment (or use JaaS) so you can have better control over available features, have a user auth scheme to control who has moderator rights and make sure every participant is named, control who can create rooms, etc. But you can probably get the initial POC up and running using a Jaas Dev account or

Good luck with your project.

Looks like OpenSlides is what might work for you.

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Thanks - will check this!

Thank you very much Shawn - I think that should give me enough confidence to go further on with my project specification and build the features around/with Jitsi!