How config Jigasi to just save audio (no speech to text needed)

is it possible to just save meeting audio with Jigasi without connection to google or Vosk or any other speech to text services?

i tried to do this by turning Jigasi audio recording on


but the only way that i know to add Jigasi to meeting is calling jitsi_meet_transcribe, after transcriber connects to room sends this message in chat and leave:

Transcriber is not properly configured. Contact the service administrators and let them know! I will now leave.

is there any doc to how should i config Jigasi for just saving audio

If you’re just looking to record the audio of a meeting, you can use the “Local recording” feature. You don’t need jigasi for that.

I want to save audio on server and as I use Jigasi for calling I prefer to use this component, and i see in Jigasi config file that i can run some scrips after audio file saved, i want use this feature too

I don’t know about jigasi but you can save the audio using jibri on the server side

There is no such feature in jigasi.