How can we make Jitsi's rooms persistent?

Hello Everyone,
I am trying to find answers related to the following aspects of jitsi room handling.

  1. Currently rooms are deleted when nobody is there.
  2. If we use the same URL, it just creates a new room (if there is nothing that is running in that name). That seems to be how it is working now.
  3. But there are things which we would like to persist (like the moderator for the room, the password for the room, …).
  4. Where does Jitsi store info about active rooms? Are these getting stored into a database? Or is it just going into some temporary storage?
  5. How do the room’s creation and expiry work now? And where can we change that behaviour?

Please let me know if there is anything I should add to the question, to make it clear.

The rooms are xmpp MUCs in prosody:, so you can search for prosody configs about rooms.
There are people from the community setting rooms to be persisted and using it that way, check the forum for those posts as I don’t have a link handy right now.