How can we integrate JITSI in our application?

If you’re integrating with then you shouldn’t need AppId/token.

If your devs are asking for AppId, they’re probably trying to integrate with JaaS. You can get you AppId by logging into JaaS account.

For tokens, I’m assuming they’re referring to JWT tokens that your users will use to authenticate with JaaS. That is something you have to generate yourself as part of your integration. See API Keys Overview (JaaS Docs).

JaaS offers a “JaaS Dev” plan that is free for up to 25 Monthly Active Users, but you’ll probably need to pay per usage if you use features like recording, transcription, dial in/out, etc. See

Team got success to integrate meet.jitsi
As we are facing one issue, If Someone join meeting then how to enter name in meeting to particular participant !!?
As Student unique identification not detect, so kindly help us.
Please find attachment.

Did you enable the token authentication? If yes, you may include the name in the token.

Ok Let me ask to team.
Thanks for update :+1:

For meet jitsi, Screen sharing is not worked on Chrome browser of Mobile device…
Please guide us.

For meet.jitsi, Screen sharing is not worked on Chrome browser of Mobile device… In desktop browser, it works good but not in Mobile browser…
Please guide us.

Can you reproduce the same issue on using the same clients?

Ok let me ask to team…

Screenshare does not work for mobile browser due to browser limitations.

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Thanks for updating…:+1:
I am going to forward this details to my team.
Let you know if still struggling to resolve issue.