How can we export the speaker stats of the conference


Hi Team,

Do we have option to export the speaker stats of the conference to external file or database.
Please help me in achieving this.

Thanks in advance.


No, not currently. If we were to build such a feature what would work best for you? We have added features in the past where we could have a configurable webhook or possibly an easy to edit function that runs your custom lua code whenever a conference ends?

Improved speaker stats are on our radar so your input would be helpful.


I just finished a call and, when finished, closed the window. I wanted to go back and check who had actually been at the call but now it only shows the stats since I went back in. Is there a way to retrieve the history of who was online on the last call?
Thank you!


Hi @jmacelroy,

I would like to have the stats displayed in the Meet application, like participants name with Speaker time.
It would be helpful if we could that information first.


Hello all. Currently speaker stats are ephemeral and there is no record of them kept server-side after a conference has ended. We have built in some code in the open source project that would allow a user to do this for their own server but it is currently not used for

I think that it is a great idea to expand this feature in the future though. I appreciate the input and will keep it in mind when future features are being planned.