How can the chat messages of a Jitsi meeting be made to persist for some defined amount of time?

I’ve run a Matrix server for a while and generally use Signal for messaging, but there’s a little niche I need to fill where there is some simple website that people can go to on their phones, no need to register, just need a link etc. and there is a conversation persisting there with the given chat names and so on visible.

Now Jitsi seems close, but I need that persisted chat history. A bit like how Pastebin can have a defined time by which some text gets deleted, Jitsi could have a defined time by which the chat history gets gradually deleted.

Can Jitsi do this by default, like on the standard server, or can it be done by spinning up one’s own server running Jitsi?

Hi and welcome!

The idea of jitsi-meet deployment is to have meetings. You go to URL and you create a meeting (xmpp muc/multi user chat) when the last one to leave that one is destroyed and the next time you use the URL a new meeting is created.
The backend we use by default is xmpp server prosody. By default, I think, it keeps a history of 20 messages in the chat.
So in general the feature you are looking for is not possible without any modifications. There are options to change chat history size and option to make rooms persistent. Not sure what will be the performance of this. And for doing changes like that you will need to make your own deployment.