How can show in streaming my screensharing?


i put jitsi and jibri in same droplet of digitalocean, but testing i cant show in streamming my screen sharing, that is not possible or may be missing step?, this is demo video



I just took a look at your video. The person on stage is the one speaking. In your case the participant sharing its screen didn’t speak, so it doesn’t come on stage, and was always visible just in the remote participant thumbnail.
Another approach different than the dominant speaker in such cases is to have a conference moderator. The moderator will go in settings and will enable ‘Follow me’ feature. This way all participants in the conference will see whatever the moderator sees, so he can pin on large screen the participant who is sharing his desktop. You can count jibri as a regular participant, so jibri will also follow the moderator and you will see the shared desktop on stage in the livestream/recording.


Perfect, nice, greetings