How can I use Jicofo as a signaling server in an external url?

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I have a question…

How can I use Jicofo or jitsi-meet as a signaling server in an external url? For use in another WebRTC application

Something like this server:

Not sure what you mean by external url, bit jicofo connects to an xmpp server and clients communicate with it using xmpp.

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I need to explain more:
I need a signaling server.

TURN / STUN server for signaling server. I believe that jitsi already has these recruits and I wanted to know if and how I can use it in another WebRTC application that I am creating.

I understood that Jicofo acts as a signaling server for jitsi-meet. And I was wondering if I can use it for my application as well.

I have jitsi-meet installed on my server.

? Turn is a relay server and STUN is just for discovering ip and port …

You have two options … Use the iframeAPI to use jitsi-meet in your app or you can use the lowlevel api lib-jitsi-meet and implement your UI on top of it, but its not an easy task compared to the iframeAPI.

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