How can I use avatars from (or my self-hosted instance of it) instead of Gravatar?

I searched for this feature or option before opening a bug report requesting it and I am told it’s already implemented.

Could someone share how to use (or any self-hosted instance of it) on ?

How about on self-hosted instances ? In the bug report there is a link to the source code but there isn’ t any mention of Llibreavatar or how this should work. I couldn’ t find anymention of this in the forums or docs either.

It doesn’t mention any service there cause it is generic setting and it depends how does avatars urls look like with the service you want. Does this explain it:

Also how it is used in the code about gravatar is a good example:

Thank you, I feared this would be hardcoded, specially when it refers to a proprietary third party cloud service.

I have no issue making this configuration change but it will probably be overwritten in a future code update.

Should I file an issue on Github about this problem ?

Let me look in the code, cause I may be in confusion …

I think you are right and we had changed/broken support for those prefix/suffix in the configuration and also I think you want a completely different feature.
Those prefix and suffix were to change the default avatars, where here you are asking about replacing the use of gravatar.

You can create an issue to make gravatar configurable and replaceable. Not sure when we will be able to work on that, so any PR is welcome.

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Hmm, so what is the current status? Is this now fixed/possible?

The issue has been re-opened on Github