How can I show the shared screen only to the moderator?

I want everyone to be able to share their screen, but only the moderator to see it.
Can someone point me in the right direction on where to filter it? Do I need to write a prosody plugin, change code in jicofo or the jvb, or somewhere else entirely?

What a weird use case, it’s the first time I’ve heard of such a thing! Out of curiosity, what use case is that?

I’d say you need to modify the client. The changes will be tricky. In the logic for lastN, you probably want to request a height of 0 (aka, no video) for participants who are screen-sharing, unless they are a moderator.

Thanks for the hint, I actually need to hide all participants from each other (webcam, shared screen, names, chat etc.). They should be able to hear each other though.

Thanks, I’ve seen the ‘hiddenDomain’ solution before, which seems to be perfect, but I can’t get it to work with my development setup. I’m using docker with internal authentication according to this guide Self-Hosting Guide - Docker · Jitsi Meet Handbook. In a development setup, I would always access ‘localhost:8443’. Where do I define the hidden domain?

Sorry, no idea about dockerized setup

You can use the config-custom.js file to set it, we don’t currently have an env var for it.