How can I send file through jitsi

In jitsi’s description it says that there is the possibility of sending files, but when I enter the chat, I don’t see any “send file” button. Can anyone teach me?

There is no such feature, sorry. Which description says you can send files?

In “jitsi desktop - open source video calls and chat”

It does not say anything about sending / receiving a file.

Jitsi Desktop is the old desktop client serving different purposes than jitsi-meet, and has nothing to do with jitsi-meet.


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Ok I understand. But this could be a very useful feature.

If Jitsi Desktop has became obsolete, there should be a notification on the main page What is the status of Jitsi Desktop?

This is even more confusing as I recently found out there is indeed a Jitsi Meet desktop client with more features (remote desktop control)!


this is very easy to do.

just use firefox send and send the link in chat window

OR use it uses WebRTC to accomplish the transfer

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