How can I select the view for recording?

As the title says: How can I select the view which will be recorded? I have a conference with one participant on a Windows PC and one on an Android phone. I want to be able to record the view from the camera of the phone but it is always the camera view of the Windows PC which is recorded. There is no difference if I start the recording on the Windows PC or on the phone.

As far as I understand recorded is what Jibri is seeing. So the questions seems to be: How can I control what Jibri is seeing?

I read already that I can choose the follow-me mode to force all participants to see my view (and thus also Jibri). But unfortunately I did not find a possibility to activate the follow-me mode on the Android phone. It seems that this option is only available when using a browser but not in the Android app.

Any help would be much appreciated.