How can i register a user automatically to my local server?

When a new user tries to start a meeting he needs to provide username and password. And I need to register a user by this command manually
“sudo prosodyctl register username domain password”.

is there any way to make it automatic??

Do you want to let anyone to register themself to your Jitsi?

@emrah No.
I have a website. Whenever a user register in my website i only want to give them the jitsi server user_name and password with their registration confirmation email.

Then the token authentication might be better for your use case.

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Hello @emrah!
I have run the following command and got the following error. how to fix this??

root@meet:~/src# luarocks unpack lua-cjson-

Error: Failed unzipping rock lua-cjson-

You don’t need this command. It was for an old version of Jitsi.

For the current version, you only need

apt-get install jitsi-meet-tokens
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I’ve followed this guide and got these problem.

Can please help me installing it?

currently I’m having these issue and i don’t have any clue how to solve this.

@damencho @emrah Please help me.

Check prosody and jicofo logs.

Prosody log:

jicofo Log:

Clear prosody log, restart prosody and upload log here.

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Thank You @damencho & @emrah for your help, I’ve successfully installed it.

I am using jwt for authentication, but when i relod the page it shows me a pop up authentication required (user_identifier and password). I don’t want to see this pop up. how to disable it?