How can I put robohash avatar in Jitsi?

Hello Jitsi Community!

I wanted to know how to put robohash avatar in my own hosted Jitsi instance. I have seen it was possible before but I don’t see the option now.

I would like to use this link: ‘’ + nick + ‘?set=set3&bgset=bg1’

I have not tried this and just explored config+code, but it looks like you can switch to a different Gravatar-compatible service using:

The tricky bit here being “Gravatar-compatible” which I don’t thing robohash is.

Robohash also accepts commands as paths, so is the same as This helps since you can encode the commands in the baseUrl. However, jitsi will append ?d=404&size=200 to the URL to specify size this this breaks the request to robohash (returns HTTP 500).

I suppose you could deploy an intermediate service that does the necessary URL translations and queries on your behalf (which caching of course), but that seems a little overkill.

Hopefully there’s a simpler way.


I actually saw this was possible on Github.

“avatarURL”: “’ + nick + '?set=set3&bgset=bg1”
“corsAvatarURLs”: “’ + nick + '?set=set3&bgset=bg1”

But still not working.

That post is from 2016. The code behind Gravatar integration has change several times since then. It used to not be specific to Gravatar and you could specific arbitrary URL prefix and suffix. That is no longer the case.

Based on what I understand from current code, it is not currently possible out of the box. If you really really need robohash support, some of the options I can think of are:

  1. Propose a PR to make the urlSuffix configurable.
  2. OR, implement your own intermediate service that translates gravatar GET params to robohash ones and proxy the call to Robohash
  3. OR, fork Robohash and make it support those params, then deploy your own service.

Try IFrame API command:
api.executeCommand(‘avatarUrl’, ‘’);