How can I preserve chrome extension ID so that another PC can screen share?


I read this

But it seems I failed to do it properly.

My steps:

  1. Edited your chrome extension
  2. “load unpacked” in chrome
  3. screen sharing works
  4. pack extension
  5. got .pem and .crx files
  6. added xx.pem to manifest.json folder and renamed to key.pem
  7. uploaded unpacked version to my another PC
  8. And it got a new ID, not the one I was trying to preserve.

Where did I do it wrong?

Thank you.

PS Chrone doesn’t accept my crx extension btw(This extension is not listed in the Chrome Web Store and may have been added without your knowledge). I have to load it unpacked. But then it seems there is no way to export it to another PC with the same ID…


I’ve reinstalled it and the screen sharing started working…strange)