How can I play a video from the cloud?

First, I would like to thank this forum.
I am a new user, and my first question was answered nicely and promptly.
Thank you.
And here I come with a second question : My local connection is very poor (upstream 0.350Mb/s, Downstreal 3.000Mb/s) and therefore I cannot share videos from my PC.
I found a way : by sending a link (saved video on my google drive) to all attendants… It works but requires for each attendant to click to the link, then click to start the video, click again for some browsers, watch it, then close the browser, then click to return, end so on.
Many of our group are not so young and not so computer litterate.
I am sure there is a way that would allow me, from the moderator PC, to splay the video for all, so they would have nothing to do.
Just the file have to be on the cloud, not from my PC.
Many thanks,

There is a share youtube video feature which you can use.

Thank you Damencho for your reply. I have seen it but could not find detailled doc on how to use it, and was not able to test. yet.