How can i monitor jitsi-meet system?


Hi team,
I want to view report or log to monitor jitsi-meet system. Exam: number of meeting room active, number of participants join to each meeting room, who is host of each meeting room?..
Pls how can i get that infomation?



We use for that. Who is host, there is no such option. There are some analytics handler you can implement youtself, but not sure how useful are they.
Some people are also parsing jicofo logs and using those for such stats …


Thanks @damencho,

I found a note on config.js about
// To enable sending statistics to you must provide the
// Application ID and Secret.
// callStatsID: ‘’,
// callStatsSecret: ‘’,

Can you tell me how to active it, and how it work?



Callstat is expensive if u just want to know which rooms are active and how many participants in room. I saw there is prosody module the resource directory called muc_size that can give u that info in real time. U can design to show in the browser also. On the other hand, if u r really want then go to their website and create an account. Choose Jitsi-meet as sdk then they will issue an app_id, app_secret and an url link, that u need to add in ur config.js then it will work. U have to pay ton of €€€ to get good meaningful information.