How can I manually run the jitsi-meet setup process?

I’m installing a specific version of the jitsi-meet package (specifically version 2.0.4384-1). I’ve installed all the necessary dependencies at the correct versions, and installed jitsi-meet with sudo apt install jitsi-meet=2.0.4384-1 however the normal setup wizard didn’t run. Can I force this process to run manually?

Have you purged everything before that?

This version is too old I think and will not work correctly with current browser versions

I started from a blank server. We were using this version on our previous server (we’ve had to move to new hardware) as we were having issues with token auth on newer versions.

you need to install all deps with versions in one command I think … and that should work. All packages get from the uninstall command from quick install guide.

But better update …

Yeah. Are you aware of any issues with jitsi-meet-tokens in the latest version?

People with mixing jwt and other auth are having some problems, but that anyway is not recommended …