How can I make jitsi meet web app listen to local changes?

Hi all,
I have installed jitsi meet on my machine and do some customization (for example: change logo) on it but when I run ‘make dev’ command it doesn’t listen to my local changes at all.
Is there a way to make it listen to my local changes?

Thanks in advance.

make dev runs a local proxy that serves only the bundles from the local copies and the rest from the devServerProxyTarget:

You can play with the rules and serve some static content or interface.config from local source by modifying here:

Could you give me an example with the change I should do in ?

FYI I want to change the whole welcome page and logo and test it in local before publishing it and I’m already did the modification on welcome page the only thing remaining is testing it.
So if you give me a certain steps to do I’ll appreciate that.

make dev and you should see the welcome page from the local copy when accessing it on localhost. You can add images to be served from local copy the same way as css and fonts are added.

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Thanks, this worked with me.

what did you do? I have the same problem and running make dev ignores the local changes.

Will be grateful if you can share what exactly you did with your setup