How can I know how many users are connected to my jitsi server

Hello, I would like to know if there is any way to know how many rooms are open on my server and how many users are connected to each of them. Is there any way to know this information?

my thanks in advance and congratulate all the team that build and work on this excellent project

You can get it from the Jicofo logs.


Prosody plugins are perfect for this. You can use mod_muc_room_size to get some basic information. There is a good reply in this thread that I was able to use successfully. I recommend making a new plugin lua file so your changes do not get overwritten.

You can call it locally from using curl from you meet server:

user@server:~$ curl


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Iā€™m using this:

with prometheus and grafana, and it works quite well.

if that option is exploited but I cannot detail with some precision how many users are connected, what can be most distinguished is the number of conferences that are taking place, but not the users that are connected to it.